Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Lagos city was on fire for fashion as 77 designers took to the runway with their latest collection at the Arise Magazine Fashion Week which took place from the 6-11th of march 2012.
Hse of Nwocha showcased YOSHINAKA it's Fall 2012 collection
The Hse of Nwocha fall collection is a tale of strong women of old from the far east in Asia.
In early feudal Japan, samurai women were expected to exhibit loyalty, bravery, and take on the duty to revenge at all times. As her warrior husband was often absent. She oversaw the harvesting of crops, managing of servants and took over all financial duties. She also had to provide proper education of her children, and to instill in them a strong sense of loyalty to the samurai ideas of courage and physical strength.
Yoshinaka (1184) was a warrior woman, she was exceptionally beautiful and had charming features. She was a remarkably strong archer and as a swords woman, she was able to confront anything on foot or on horse back. She performed more deeds of valor than any other warrior of her time.
Hse of Nwocha presents Yoshinaka in modern terms. A strong almost gothic woman, not afraid of her body and it's magic. Our use of soft black velvet, black spiral french lace, feathers, and a rich golden french sequence lace tells a cohesive fall story. This collection also features spiked mini dresses, long evening dresses, bootleg cut trousers, cropped tops, swords and gold accessories to match.

HON fall 2012

Ugonna Omeruo

                                                  Black is the new Red........