Thursday, September 1, 2011


When i started designing this collection, it was an interesting process, because i was trying to make sense of  a very bad situation.

As usual, ill wake up, say my prayers, listen to the news then get on with my day but on this faithful day the news was filled with the floods and landslides aka natural disasters, happening in japan. I was so depressed and could'nt function properly for the rest of that day.

A few days later i started designing my resort collection and i dedicated it to the people of japan.

The TSUNAMI HON resort 2011 collection was inspired by the recent japan tsunami crisis in which many lives were lost. Most of us often forget that water is the strongest element in the world and as much as it seems harmless, the entire world can be consumed by it.

The Tsunami is a collection of simple and fluid pieces filled with emotions and uncertainty but also strength and hope, because after every storm the sun must shine. This collection is dedicated to the japanese people and all strong women all over the world who go through daily struggles and still come out on top, looking fabulous, elegant and graceful.

In this collection i used a lot of marine colors like gold, turquoise, yellow, purple, navy blue etc


hope my peace to the world message came across in the pieces.......smiling