Sunday, September 11, 2011


We all know Karen Igho!!!
Winner of the recently concluded BBA show. Karen was the life of the Big Brother show and she made us all watch. I was so in love with this energy filled busty lady that all i did for three months was watch her and wait for what she was going to do next.

The show is over now and she won, so as usual its been interview after interview and shoot after shoot. We at hse of nwocha got to work with the reality tv star on several shoots and magazine covers!


                                                      Karen Igho in Hse of  Nwocha

When i first met karen she had just gotten back from SA and was still very hyper, she won't stay in a place, it was so interesting watching her live.
I and Karen have since become friends and have worked together on different things. she is a sweetheart, very kind, considerate and as real as real can be.

 on my way to a shoot location with miss Karen

Hse of Nwocha in house stylist Obinna Omeruo jst getting to shoot location......... lets work people

work don start......

Karen Igho in Hse of Nwocha
Karen Igho looking beautiful in a Hse of Nwocha multicolor silk jacket........... if u want one come by the HON store in ikoyi

Karen Igho in Hse of Nwocha
Wow .....
By the time the shoot was over, we were all hungry and  exhausted but the shoot was fantastic so y'all have to wait n see the real pictures when the magazine is out .......

I didn't say what mag so y'all have to look out for it.......smiling

tats all folks!!!